Socar Group B.V.

Binnenhavenweg 7

8211 AA Lelystad

The Netherlands



Socar is specialised in used cars and trucks, purchasing and selling of frozen food products to Africa, delivery of vans and trucks and worldwide shipment of cars, vans, trucks and containers.

About us:

Socar Shipping has AEO-certifocate since 2011. Starting from the introduction of the AEO certificate custom has two flows of goods: goods from certified companies and goods from non-certified companies. The facilities associated with the AEO certificate are:

Benefits of AEO certificate

• less physical and document control

• priority audits

• the holder of a certificate has a right to require a check at a certain place

From July 1, 2009 the holder of the certificates recives Security and the combined certificate Customs Simplification and Extra safety facilities:

• they receive a notification on checks

• they have to provide less information in declarations