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The Netherlands



Socar is specialised in used cars and trucks, purchasing and selling of frozen food products to Africa, delivery of vans and trucks and worldwide shipment of cars, vans, trucks and containers.

About us:

Socar Talamiz Holland BV can ship your vehicle(s) to West Africa. Cars, buses, trucks and containers can be shipped to any destination:

Over 25 years experience in ro-ro shipments to West-Africa

• Abidjan  Ivoorkust

• Banjul  Gambia

• Conakry  Guinee

• Cotonou  Benin

• Dakar  Senegal

• Douala  Cameroon

• Freetown  Sierra Leone

• Lagos  Nigeria

• Libreville  Gabon

• Lome  Togo

• Luanda  Angola

• Monrovia  Liberia

• Pointe Noire  Congo

• Takoradi  Ghana

• Tema  Ghana

We also offer services to many other destinations. Please fill out the contact form or contact our team during office hours at +31 320 284868.

In addition to our shipping services to various destinations, we also offer road transport services in The Netherlands so we can provide all-in-one service from your front door to the port of your choice. Our services always include customs documents and Bill of Loading. If required, we can also provide export declarations. In short: all-in-one export service!

Road Transport and Sea Freight: All-in-One

Socar Talamiz Holland BV services are enforced by various agents in Lagos and Accra. Offering additional port and clearing services and Bill of Lading collect service. Shipping line agents are available at all other ports to inform you about arrival dates and applicable customs clearance procedures.

Trusted Agents

Use our Contact Form to request information, or contact our team at +31 (0)320 284 868.


For immediate booking, use our Request Form. Fill out all relevant information and send it directly to our team. You will receive your shipping contract within 48 hours.


Do you want to check the status of your shipment? Please give us a call, and remember to keep your shipment reference number at hand.




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